Rivne zoological park
of national importance

110, Kevska Str., Rivne
33027 Ukraine
tel/fax: +38 (0362) 28-84-83,
tel: +38 (0362) 28-86-47

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The unique corner of nature, located on the territory of the park relief. The main part of the zoo - the remains of the old orchard and the city's only natural forest area of ​​11.6 hectares. One of the seven zoological parks of national importance in Ukraine and the only one in the western region.

The collection includes more than 180 animal species from all over the globe, 24 of which are listed in the International Red Book. Presented lions, tigers and other big cats, primates, ungulates and birds. There Ekzotarium. In the aviary "Grandma's yard" allowed to feed and take arms pets. At the zoo has more than 130 species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants.

In summer attractions are in the territory built a large play area for children, equipped with benches and tables, running a shop with everything you need for a comfortable stay. In memory of the zoo is the opportunity to purchase souvenirs. After a walk through the beautiful park to relax in a cozy cafe "Bear." Currently the zoo is a favorite place for family holidays equation and guests. Since the beginning of the season at the zoo every weekend and holidays attractions are "Chapiteau" and "Bicycle" that bring joy to children and adults.

The modern zoo is unique natural complex system in the city that combines the natural environment and man-made structures and is used for keeping various species of animals in captivity. The main tasks facing the zoo, maintenance and display of live wildlife representatives, educational and educational work, conservation and breeding of rare and endangered species, research work on studying wildlife biology.

Also continue hippotherapy classes with children with disabilities and birth defects. For these classes, which are held on a charitable basis, given 3 days a week. Kids are able to communicate with animals through which a positive effect on the psychological and physical condition.

In 1998, Presidential Decree Ukraine Rivne Zoo granted the status of objects of nature reserve fund of national importance.